About Us

The Oswin Project, a multidisciplinary group, came together in 2011 to improve ex-offenders chances of finding long-term employment on leaving prison.

The Trust supports ex-offenders in North East England, by sourcing paid employment and apprenticeship opportunities in the construction and hospitality industries. To ensure that clients receive the maximum benefit from their placements. The Oswin Project also supports its clients with mentoring and supervision. It is envisaged that by the end of the client’s apprenticeship period, which could be up to two years, they should have an excellent chance of securing long term employment.

To achieve the above objectives the Oswin Project acts as a cohesive and catalyzing force so that opportunities are made available to clients. To achieve this, Oswin will:

  • convene with and coordinate activities alongside partner organisations.
  • raise funding so that objectives are realised.
  • will manage and oversee inspirational projects.

Mission Statement

Our mission statement is as follows:-

Creating second chances through training, support and employment in order to break the cycle of re-offending.



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