What We Do

Our aim and vision for the Oswinners:

  • To provide you with support form the moment you walk through the prison gates until you achieve employment.
  • To offer you supported training and the chance to gain qualitifcations.
  • To give you an employment history of real employment with real employers.
  • To support you move to permanent employment.
  • To help you re-build your confidence and make a fresh start.
  • To give you a genuine second chance to help you re-build your life after a prison sentence.

Benefit for Our Community and Supporters:

  • To reduce the cycle of re-offending which so damages the individual, family, community and economy.
  • To tackle the root causes of re-offending helping to reduce crime and create safer and happier communities.
  • To help former offenders develop skills , gain qualifications and experience the workplace.
  • To support an eventual move towards permanent employment and self reliance.
  • To engage former offenders in working life giving self respect and the chance to become a valued member of society.
  • To give a second chance to those who wish to move away from a life of crime rebuild theirr lives and make positive changes following a prison sentence.

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